Slug Skis Website

Launched: 2023 | Project length: 2 months

Slug Skis are a Melbourne indie ski gear start-up with a penchant for the retro. They yearn for the Glory days of old...when skiers ruled the mountains, shredding from Dawn til Dusk, head to toe in fluro.

Their winter apparel is inspired by these 80s and 90s legends of the ski world.

Bright Colours and outrageous designs dominate their collection, revamped with a modern look to 'maximise steeze' and make skiers feel comfortable in their own skin on the hill.

Slug Skis got in touch with Rogue as their previous website was old school, not in the cool way.

The previous layout wasn't reflective of their vibe...the shop functionality wasn't working, the fonts and colours put off users and the site was built on a Page Builder that was just too hard to use. They also wanted a reliable and customer service focused web designer to assist with with these tech woes.

Rogue go to work, winding the clock back to the early 90s to get the look that aligns perfect with the brand (admittedly, not hard, as we're all late millennials here).

We based the layout and site template on a mix of 80's arcade meets synthwave meets Microsoft Office '95 (but without the annoying paperclip).

The full scope of the project included migrating and rebuilding the site on our hosting and systems, which included Woocommerce set up for their ski gear online shop, product and category pages, an updated blog, gallery, SEO and more.

We think the result is pretty rad!

Matt Tickner, Slug Skis

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