Wiseseed Health Solutions

Launched: 2020


Wise Seed Health Solutions was established to serve as a user-friendly interface between cutting-edge biomedical research - and you.

The Wiseseed team, consisting of award winning biomedical researchers including Dr Angus Harding, aim to build resilient humans. The team is passionate about delivering the latest biomedical research breakthroughs in a simple and effective format, empowering people to adopt evidence-based solutions for healthy living and aging.

Articles cover thought provoking topics that break down the current science and facts from myths. Topics include: is beer actually an anti ageing supplement?, how to avoid low bone density, the mind domain of everyday resilience, and more.

Rogue Web Design worked with the Wiseseed team not only in the design and development of the new website, but also in the development of new logo and branding. The team wanted a clean, professional, natural and minimalistic look to reflect their mission of living longer, healthier and thriving in the face of adversity. The use of clean, monospaced fonts and a colour palette chosen from nature compliments the simple yet professional logo and identity.

"Rogue Print and Mail & Rogue Web Design saved our bacon! Our first web build was a disaster. Shelley re-built the page from scratch, re-designed our logo, set up our SEO and got us back in the game in less than a week. The web page is lightening fast and looks great on both desktop and mobile. Highly recommended!!"

Dr Angus Harding, Wiseseed Health Solutions

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