Susan Waterer

Susan Waterer

Building on the foundation of a successful copywriting business, Susan Waterer established Waterer Communications in 2020, a boutique, customer-centric agency providing expertise and services across a range of services, including brand and marketing communications, copywriting, events, tenders, social media and public relations.

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Google’s Featured Snippets: Quick Start Guide

By Susan Waterer / February 7, 2024

Article written by Susan Waterer of Waterer Communications in conjunction with Rogue Web Design. Read the featured snippet article on…

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How to get your new website to show on google

By Shelley Morris / March 21, 2023

A question I get asked frequently by new clients after launching their new website … “How do I get my…

Woman Updating Website Seo Quick Wins That Can Be Implemented Today

5 Quick SEO Wins You Can Implement Today

By Shelley Morris / May 25, 2022

Looking for a few quick SEO Wins? Look no further. Here are 5 tried and tested tactics that you can implement today with little technical knowledge.

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4 Tips to Optimise your Web Pages for Search Engines

By Shelley Morris / August 1, 2021

Experts in the SEO space all agree there is over 200 known ranking factors. Fortunately, there are some tried and true wins for optimising individual web pages so they rank higher in the SERPS.

Acm Crc Australian Composites Manufacturing Website

ACM CRC Website

ACM CRC Rebrand and Website Launched: 2024 | Project length: 6 months Rogue were appointed to work on the rebrand project for Australian Composites Manufacturing (ACM) CRC, previously, SOMAC CRC, in 2023. Our deliverables of the project included developing the new logo, visual identity, stationery, iconography, collateral, templates, styleguide, and,...
Almighty Tiny Homes Website

Almighty Tiny Homes Website

Almighty Tiny Homes Launched: 2024 | Project length: 3 months Almighty Tiny Homes manufacture high-quality yet affordable portable modular homes that offer the best in tiny home living. With over 100 years of collective experience in building, shopfitting, materials sourcing, designing, and delivering custom quality Australian-manufactured products, ATH know what...
Rapid Jet Pressure Cleaning Website

Rapid Jet Pressure Website

Rapid Jet Pressure Cleaning Website Launched: 2024 | Project length: 3 months Rapid Jet Pressure Cleaning opened its doors in June 2022, a local family owned and operated business located in Mount Cotton, QLD. They specialise in a range of pressure washing and soft washing as well as organic growth removal...
Green Concrete Products Website

Green Concrete Products Website

Green Concrete Products Launched: 2024 | Project length: 4 months Green Concrete Products are Australia's market leader in end-to-end concrete flooring solutions. They are an Australian distributer of Ashford Formula™ and RetroPlate® products, and have been trusted since 2011 to deliver the best that concrete densification and concrete polishing systems...
Empower Battery Co Website Laptop Desktop Web Design

Empower Battery Co Website

Empower Battery Co Website Launched: 2022 |  Project length: 3 months Empower Battery Co are an SEQ based mobile car battery replacement service run by a small team of passionate experts. Their battery replacement range includes car, truck, motorcycle, golf cart, boat, 4WD, heavy machinery, mowers and more. In late...
Familykind Website Design

FamilyKind Website

FamilyKind Website Launched: 2023 | Project length: 3 weeks FamilyKind provides professional and child-friendly assessment services. They specialise in providing high quality child and family assessments, including Family Reports and Social Assessments. They also offer introductory training and group mentorship programs for psychologists, social workers and other professionals who are...
Slug Skis Website Design Desktop Laptop View

Slug Skis Website

Slug Skis Website Launched: 2023 | Project length: 2 months Slug Skis are a Melbourne indie ski gear start-up with a penchant for the retro. They yearn for the Glory days of old...when skiers ruled the mountains, shredding from Dawn til Dusk, head to toe in fluro. Their winter apparel is...
Park It At Dickson Website Design Laptop

Park It at Dickson Website

Park It At Dickson Website Launched: 2023 | Project length: 2 months Park It At Dickson are a brand new parking space facility located conveniently close to Canberra CBD, at Dickson. Their new facility of extra-large parking units, sized at 6m x 3.5m x 2.4m, come with triple-door security, ideal for those...
Animail.Pet Tag Website Design

Animail Website

Animail Website Launched: 2023 | Project length: 1 month Animail is an exciting new product that gives your pets a voice! is the home of the new digital pet tag that is changing the way we interact with and care for our pets. This is no ordinary pet tag…...
Ferntree Gallery Website

Ferntree Gallery Website

Ferntree Gallery Website Launched: 2022 | Project length: 6 months Ferntree Gallery are a boutique gallery & gift shop with original and unique handmade products including tapestries, jewellery and paintings. Their shop sells one of a kind, unique, handmade products, and offer spectacular global custom art designs you can't source...