4 Tips to Optimise your Web Pages for Search Engines

Experts in the SEO space all agree there is over 200 known ranking factors.

That’s a lot for website owners to consider, on top of actually running a business – it’s quite overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are some tried and true wins to optimise your individual web pages so they rank higher in search engines – or, the SERPS (Search Engine Result PageS).

For some more Quick SEO wins check out my article that goes through more strategies you can implement today.

Here are 4 tips that I suggest to my clients

  1. Get the technical parts of your website right

    None of the other tips below will work otherwise. Make sure your site:
    • Has an SSL certificate
    • Is hosted with a reputable, fast and secure hosting provider
    • Meets current standards of accessibility and responsiveness
    • Has an ability to add basic on-page SEO metadata via a plugin, widget et

  2. Make sure your page/s match user intent

    Your page should be all about one thing: user intent.

    People go online to get answers to questions, to research a problem, to learn about brands.

    So – what part of the customer journey is your individual page?

    You need a page optimised for every single step of the process. And you need to be clear on the value your page is offering.

    Let’s say you sell coffee beans online.

    You may have pages to buy individual products, but do you have pages that match all the other steps a customer will take on the journey to finally deciding on you as their choice of supplier?

  3. Don’t target broad key words

    The issue with broadness: not only does it not match user intent, but it’s also likely to be a really competitive.

    So instead of a one word search term focus, make it 3-4 words. We call this ‘long tail keywords’.

    In our coffee example, instead of trying to make every page of your site match ‘coffee beans’, do a little key word research.

    On your product buy page, try ‘buy coffee beans online’.

    Yes, it will have a lower search volume but – it exactly matches user intent (ready to buy) and is not broad.Rogue Web Designlong Tail Key Words Example To Rank Higher In Search Engines

  4. Optimise your page

    Now you have your search term – follow a few basics below:

    • Your page should have at least 300 words
    • Mention the key word in the page title, URL and first paragraph
    • Add the key word to the images
    • Use an SEO plugin or widget to add page metadata so you have an optimised ‘snippet’ – this is the preview text you see in Google as below:Rogue Web Design Rich Snippet Example Quick Seo Tip

Shelley has had an obsession with all things web design, branding, copy-writing and digital marketing since she started tertiary graphic design studies 8 years ago. Her ongoing professional development has focused on SEO, PPC, SEM and perfecting CMS based web platforms. She is passionate about empowering clients to get the best out of their sites beyond just the build.

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Article Contents:

  1. Get the technical parts of your website right
  2. Make sure your page/s match user intent
  3. Don't target broad keywords
  4. Optimise your page
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4 Tips to Optimise your Web Pages for Search Engines

Experts in the SEO space all agree there is over 200 known ranking factors. Fortunately, there are some tried and true wins for optimising individual web pages so they rank higher in the SERPS.

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